Prestonwood Business Networking Group was founded in January 1993, with a vision of creating a robust group of professionals committed to the true concept of business networking. This new group would require an applicant to come to a meeting with an appetite for more than just lunch. They would need to be dedicated to building long-term relationships, doing business with members, giving leads, and attending regularly — basically proving that they understood the power of networking.

A commitment to help others was the key to a successful networking group then, and at PBNG, we still follow that platform today. If the first three rules of real estate are “Location. Location. Location,” the first three rules of PBNG would be “Give first. Give first. Give first!”

The long-term vision of the membership process has always been about finding individuals with a proven track record as:

  1. A strong professional in his/her given discipline.
  2. A person who genuinely enjoys helping others, and seeks out opportunities to do so.
  3. Someone who desires to commit to attend meetings, bring guests to those meetings, meet with others for one-on-one conferences, and give referrals.

The combination of those qualities in the original members would result in the creation and maintenance of a dynamic organization, ultimately sought out by a wide range of outstanding professionals.

Today, that vision has grown to a membership base of more than 40 professionals, with the average weekly meeting attendance topping 60 members and guests. Frequently, the group will express more than 300 “Thank Yous” for referrals given or benefits exchanged during the week.

Contact us for information about how you can become a part of this dynamic group.