Membership Process

Becoming a member in Prestonwood Business Networking Group is a privilege and by invitation, only. Because we focus on success, every potential member must complete the membership process with positive results. This involves three steps:

Step One:
1.Review our membership directory to make sure your business does not conflict with that of another member.

Step Two:
1. Attend up to five meetings.
2. Do one-on-ones with members of the Membership Committee.
3. Complete our membership application form, and submit it with your application fee within your first five meetings attended. This application declares your interest in becoming a member of PBNG.
4. If accepted after review by the committee, begin the active pursuit of full membership.

Step Three:
1. Track your progress on the Score Card.
2. Maintain regular attendance.
3. Bring guests.
4. Have one-on-one meetings with members or guests.
5. Give qualified leads to members.
6. Do business with members.
7. Demonstrate a positive attitude.